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My Philosophy

Stretch, strengthen and relax.

I love Yoga but I strongly believe it should be just part of a healthy active life so I do lots of other things as well!

Whether you fun run, mud run, ultra, relay race, circuit train, hit the gym or do outdoor fitness; yoga can enhance your training or give you a well deserved change of pace.

The benefits of yoga, of which there are many, kick in when you start to practice regularly.  You don’t need to make pretty shapes or tackle the advanced poses to reap the rewards. Yoga is accepting of all bodies and all people. Come along and give it a go.

My Qualifications

I am a Triyoga trained teacher. Triyoga’s yoga teacher training diploma (350+hrs) is fully recognised and accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga, Yoga Alliance Professionals (Yoga Alliance UK) and the Yoga Alliance USA, it is established as one of the leading trainings in the UK.

I also have a Restorative Yoga Training Qualification from Triyoga.

I am now also working as a mentor on Triyoga’s yoga teacher training diploma.

My Journey

I started out with a Chemistry degree and have travelled to Yoga via Accountancy and Diagnostic Radiography.  I always research my teachings and like everything to be backed up by peer reviewed research (and preferably the odd meta analysis)!

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September 8th, 6:04 pm

Charlotte Chapman Yoga

The humble yoga belt. So simple but so very useful. In these zoom yoga days, we’ve had to use whatever we had at home, dressing gown belts, ties! This week I’m offering to send anyone who attends my online yoga sessions, a free yoga belt. Drop me a message if you’d like to book a class. ... See MoreSee Less

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August 26th, 12:28 pm

Charlotte Chapman Yoga

Don’t believe anyone who says that you can’t pick up injuries doing Yoga. Just like every physical practice, it’s a possibility. The thing I always try to teach my students is to listen to their bodies. Be aware of changes, niggles or pain and treat your bodies with kindness and respect. This week I took my own advice. An old ankle injury, combined with a reduced gym schedule and some serious yoga overuse during lockdown, meant I started to have issues with my ankle. So it was time to seek out some expert help and advice with the amazing @laurenholt_bsc Massage, ultrasound, taping and some exercise advice, already has me feeling so much better.
The one benefit of working with a restriction is I get a better understanding of how to adapt poses for my students.

I’ll be modifying any poses which require a forced plantar flexion (eg child’s pose) by placing some height (a rolled up blanket) between the ankle and the floor.

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August 20th, 9:23 pm

Charlotte Chapman Yoga

Wonderful Chair Yoga Workshop with @ashby_anna and @richardrosenyoga. Thanks for the recommendation @ianjacobsen46 #yogastudent #yogateacher #triyoga #croydonyoga ... See MoreSee Less

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August 20th, 1:39 pm

Charlotte Chapman Yoga

I’ve been instructing a couple of Breathe sessions a week, with @slowe.yoga for a few months now. I also incorporate breathing exercises into my yoga classes. So I thought I’d update my knowledge and see if there are any other practices I could use. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is curious about the profound effects that changing our breathing can have on our health. #breathe #yoga #yogateacher #scienceofyoga #breath ... See MoreSee Less

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August 8th, 3:56 pm

Charlotte Chapman Yoga

True Story: one of the reasons I put off doing my yoga teacher training was my ‘wonky’ elbow. As well as making arm balances more of a challenge, I thought I’d never make the ‘right shape’.

As usual, I’d completely missed the point.

All the benefits of yoga come from regular practice, not from pretty shapes and the arbitrarily named ‘advanced’ poses! You don’t ever have to do a headstand, you don’t ever have to touch your toes.

So show yourself some kindness, come and practice yoga. Find your own movement, your own shapes and your own challenges. Your brain and body will thank you.

Tuesday Evening Zoom Yoga Class at 7.30pm.

Come along and stretch and de-stress.

Beginner friendly.

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