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My Philosophy

Stretch, strengthen and relax.

I love Yoga but I strongly believe it should be just part of a healthy active life so I do lots of other things as well!

Whether you fun run, mud run, ultra, relay race, circuit train, hit the gym or do outdoor fitness; yoga can enhance your training or give you a well deserved change of pace.

The benefits of yoga, of which there are many, kick in when you start to practice regularly.  You don’t need to make pretty shapes or tackle the advanced poses to reap the rewards. Yoga is accepting of all bodies and all people. Come along and give it a go.

My Qualifications

I am a Triyoga trained teacher. Triyoga’s yoga teacher training diploma (350+hrs) is fully recognised and accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga, Yoga Alliance Professionals (Yoga Alliance UK) and the Yoga Alliance USA, it is established as one of the leading trainings in the UK.

I also have a Restorative Yoga Training Qualification from Triyoga.

I am now also working as a mentor on Triyoga’s yoga teacher training diploma.

My Journey

I started out with a Chemistry degree and have travelled to Yoga via Accountancy and Diagnostic Radiography.  I always research my teachings and like everything to be backed up by peer reviewed research (and preferably the odd meta analysis)!

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February 21st, 11:07 am

Charlotte Chapman Yoga

When you run a stretch and relax session for @f45_croydon_uk and your cat steals the show. #yogapractice #yogapets #croydonyoga #yogateacher #lockdownlife ... See MoreSee Less

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February 16th, 9:12 pm

Charlotte Chapman Yoga

Lovely Tuesday night yoga. Clearly I’m enjoying myself! Great energy in the class tonight. If you’re interested in coming along send me a message. #onlineyoga #zoomyoga #yoga #yogastudent #yogateacher ... See MoreSee Less

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February 10th, 2:09 pm

Charlotte Chapman Yoga

So the self appointed ‘Downward Facing Dog’ expert decided to offer me some ‘paws-on’ manual adjustment during my practice today. The downside of zoom yoga is that we can’t offer students some hands-on assistance and even when the studios open perhaps it won’t be back for a while. In addition, some students (and indeed teachers) feel any kind of physical adjustment is no longer appropriate. This is where clear instructions and a good use of props can help students find their own corrections. So find yourself a teacher (perhaps better if it’s the two-legged kind) who helps you understand the feel of the pose rather than just the shape. #yogateacher #changingtimes #onlineyoga #zoomyoga #yogaathome ... See MoreSee Less

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February 7th, 11:17 am

Charlotte Chapman Yoga

The restorative version of Balasana - Child’s Pose. Clearly the cat has other ideas. If you’d like to actually see this pose and experience it for yourself come along to De-Stress Yoga on Monday evening 7.15pm. #zoomyoga #yogaonline #yogacroydon #relaxandrecover #yogateacher. ... See MoreSee Less

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February 4th, 4:07 pm

Charlotte Chapman Yoga

Tuesday Evening Yoga 7.30pm. This week we worked with a sequence designed to prepare the body, breath and mind for sleep.

It’s a lot more restful at normal speed!

For anyone struggling with sleep problems I’d thoroughly recommend Sleep Recovery by Lisa Sanfilippo.

Send me a message if you’d like to receive my weekly timetable.

#yogaforsleep #yogaonline #yogateacher #zoomyoga #onlineyoga #croydonyoga #destressyoga
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